Executive protection officers must understand risk and threat management, have the ability to conduct security surveys, and must be able to write well-written reports for pre-planning missions. Driving and understanding motorcade operations are also essential since many movements will be conducted by vehicle. An executive protection officer must be well trained in using weapons and understanding the use of force laws of the state or country they are working security services. Kit is a graduate of the University of North Carolina (B.S. Geology) and the University of Cincinnati (M.S. Environmental and Industrial Health Science). He has 36 years of work experience in the occupational health, safety, and environmental fields spanning refineries, chemical plants, oil and gas drilling and production, and capital project planning and execution.

Master the latest financial techniques, tools and strategies with our range of short courses designed for finance and non-finance professionals. Led by our renowned faculty in London, a global finance hub, we give you the insight and edge to navigate today’s fast-changing landscape. Unlock insights from our faculty, connect with a global peer group and access Learning Manager support as you work through engaging assignments and self-paced activities on our online programmes for individuals, teams and organisations.

But it is highly recommended that students arrive in fairly good shape to maximize their performance. Courses require extensive physical activity at the range, Live Fire Shoot House Exercises and daily Hand-to-Hand Combat. The fitter you are, the easier it will be for you to follow the course materials. You know you have made the right choice if a company has all these varied aspects as part of their programs. We have physical location around Florida and offer the best online training in the industry.

Our techniques are derived straight from Israeli Secret Service doctrine and are adapted to meet the needs of high-risk PSD missions, executive protection jobs, corporate security work, and celebrity protection contracts. Invictus Security & Firearms Training instructors bring with them real-world experience in personal protection, sharing their background knowledge with our curriculum to provide engaging and realistic lessons to students. We know our students have a variety of reasons to receive Executive Protection Training in California, from celebrity protection, estate protection to political protection details, we strive to instruct in each aspect of the industry. Our graduates will receive their Personal Protection Specialist Certifications , and be prepared for the executive protection industry. The Pacific West Academy Executive Protection Specialist Fundamental training course is designed for those looking to embark on a career in the security industry, and with a special interest in VIP and executive protection.

The LEB solicits articles written by nationally recognized authors and experts in the criminal justice field and delivers relevant, contemporary information on a broad range of law enforcement-related topics. Its audience includes criminal justice professionals, primarily law enforcement managers, but is also widely considered a valuable training tool at all levels. International Law Enforcement Executive Development Seminar includes courses established for the FBI’s foreign law enforcement partners with limited English fluency to develop or enhance their leadership, administrative, and investigative management skills.

Our company is headquartered in Los Angeles, providing services locally, nationally and internationally. AEGIS is your choice for the best security company and private investigator in Los Angeles. Established in 1987, FAST companies provide a limited-duration, expeditionary security force to protect vital naval and national assets. FAST maintains forward-deployed platoons at various naval commands around the globe, and possesses U.S.-based alert forces capable of rapidly responding to unforeseen contingencies worldwide. Each FAST company is equipped and trains with some of the most state-of-the-art weaponry and currently consists of around 500 marines. TENSHO is an African organization that comprehends the necessities and difficulties of preparing people in a different and multicultural climate.

At Israeli Tactical School, all of our Executive Protection Courses are structured and taught by Active Executive Protection Agents / Instructors. We ensure that every student receives elite-level, realistic training featuring live fire and hand-to-hand combat situations, designed to prepare them for the worst case scenario. Course includes individual and team work exercises with live fire , CQB, room-clearing, hand-to-hand combat, bodyguard procedures, counter surveillance techniques, and vehicle and motorcade exercises. Individuals looking for specialized training in the exciting career of Executive Protection can find security courses to fit them at Invictus Security & Firearms Training.

The Marine Corps uses FAST Companies to protect forces when a threat level requires it. The Marine Corps Security Force Regiment is a dedicated security and anti-terrorism unit of the United States Marine Corps. It provides security forces to guard high-value naval installations, most notably those containing nuclear vessels and weapons.

Bodyguards are usually hired by those who want security but don’t want others to know. Bodyguards often work for high-risk clients and keep them safe from any threats to their life. That is why many people are looking into bodyguard courses to learn how to protect themselves or others if they ever find themselves in this situation.