Always check what champions you’re laning against and what champions the enemy team has. Don’t pick someone incredibly vulnerable and squishy like Kog’Maw versus an enemy team composition with tons of assassins. If you want to expand your champion pool, we recommend building up your experience and comfort level in Normal games first. For optimal climbing, and to reduce your stress in-game, make sure to only play champions you are very comfortable with.

If you are playing Yuumi, you may decide you do not want Health Potions, and can opt for a Control Ward instead. This item is one of the tankier options, and upgrades based on minion executions. In order to upgrade it, you will need to attack low-health minions whenever a charge is active, displayed by small glowing orbs around your champion.

Nidalee is a shapeshifting assassin that packs incredibly high damage and high range, assuming she can land her long-ranged skillshot, Javelin Toss. While in her human form, Nidalee can throw a long-ranged spear that goes very far but has a small hitbox, meaning that these spears can be dodged easily since they don’t go particularly fast. If these spears land, Nidalee can almost guarantee a kill when she switches into her cougar form, which allows for a long-ranged pounce if your spears or traps mark your targets.

Use our statistics and learn how to counter in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Sylas Data for all roles taken from 110, ,8468,62038,40361,333 matches. Playing one of the best off-meta supports in LoL can be a great way to take a break from the standard grind of playing support and have a bit more fun.

When playing a support, it can be a lot harder to gain Gold, so building your items is a lot slower than your allies building theirs. This means prioritizing what to upgrade is very important, and you should be careful not to make unnecessary purchases. To hit level 2 in the bottom lane first, you need to kill the first minion wave and 3 melee minions on the second wave. This is the fastest way to hit level 2 when there are 2 champions laning together. For instance, a Lucian Alistar lane has a strong level 2 all-in and can use the level advantage to make an aggressive play to get a kill or blown enemy summoner spells.

By that point in the game, having a synergy that grants no combat power for a slim chance at getting another item is just not worth it. The champions in this Origin would have to be great for you to ever want to build Space Pirates. If this gave more power for the more items a champion had, I’d think it was much stronger. As it is now, though, it’ll be okay in the early game when you don’t necessarily want to combine your components but fall off a cliff later. CounterStats provides valuable counter picking insights for League of Legends players. This is mostly because powerful strategies often require a lot of teamwork, trust, and synergy between teammates.

Sett has been nerfed plenty of times since his release in January 2020, but still finds himself in a very strong position as his role flexibility outweighs any shortcomings he may have now. That said, there are junglers who are extremely powerful in both solo queue and professional play, like the entity known as Evelynn. However, there are still certain picks you’ll see in professional play that you would hardly ever see in ranked matches, and vice versa.

Olaf is an axe-wielding berserker who excels in shutting down disengage/peel comps and long-ranged carries (be it artillery mages or traditional, long-range marksmen). With a small lead, he can be both extremely tanky and also very deadly, as his damage is still incredibly high even when building full-tank. He snowballs incredibly well, counters hard CC, and poses a risk to the enemy backline every time he uses his ultimate. You see him in solo queue often enough, but his presence is much more visible in professional play.