The Company has a strong engineering capability enabling it to bring innovative, new products to market ahead of industry trends. Originally starting out as a repair company in 1949, Oase has developed into a renowned name in the aquatic industry. With an excellent reputation for innovation and quality, all Oase products are created to give your garden and water features the very best potential. OASE (pronounced ‘Oh-Ar-Zer’) has been designing and manufacturing cutting-edge products for ponds and lakes for over six decades, making them the world’s leading manufacturer of aquatic equipment.

This past December 31st, Oase vijverpomp caught the eye of media and locals at the Island Shops in Tennessee during the New Year´s Eve celebration event. The fountain was inaugurated and a new year was welcomed amongst fireworks, joy, and amazement. The Commercial Business Unit has designed and executed countless large-scale projects worldwide. Recent projects include the floating fountain at Daming Lake and the Unirii Square in Bucharest (Romania). Oase Fountain Nozzle Vulcan 43-3 T silver multi-stage water pattern Precise full jets that are stable in wind water-level independent 43-jet fountain 4-tier Jet diameter 3.0 mm The Vulcan… Oase Eco Control A clever EGC control device for Eco Expert and Titanium pumps Clearly readable via illuminated two-line display Robust and protected for year-round use Innovative…

We supply unique, environmentally friendly, holistic, and forward-thinking system solutions in the area of WATER TECHNOLOGY that is precisely tailored to your requirements. Our disruptive innovations ensure that your water quality requirements are met precisely and permanently. In the UK there are a host of different manufacturers and suppliers offering numerous options for the aspiring pond keeper/designer. Inevitably and unfortunately many will be disappointed with their purchases and the end result. Headquartered in Mantua, Ohio, Atlantic Water Gardens is a leading supplier of branded consumer water gardening products in North America. Atlantic manufactures and markets a full array of water gardening products in a variety of channels of trade with a heavy focus on the landscaping and contractors business in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

As part of the OASE Group, Atlantic will gain access to the worldwide landscape construction market. Atlantic is the perfect fit to OASE’s product portfolio and will enhance the range of products OASE sells worldwide. By the same token, OASE’s PRO Line, which is geared toward the expert user, will now be available to the professional market in North America.

This is all due to our creed of offering our customers products that provide uncompromising quality and reliability, and solutions that are designed for value, safety, and longevity – enabling you to reliably achieve the desired goals. We have been one of the leading suppliers in FOUNTAIN TECHNOLOGY for decades. We regularly set new industry standards with creative, spectacular fountain installations, boasting over 100,000 successful projects in over 100 countries worldwide and setting several world records. From breathtaking fountain installations to quiet zones in public spaces and architectural waterworks, with our global partner network of planning, design, and maintenance specialists, we can handle your most ambitious fountain projects, no matter the location. With the biOrb range, OASE has developed completely new design objects with underwater and above-water scenarios. Draining dirty water from the cellar or building site is no problem with our proven submersible water pumps.

Through various acquisitions, OASE has expanded its activities, most notably into the field of indoor aquatics. The Consumer Business Unit (Water Gardens, Indoor Aquatics, Drainage & Irrigation) is focused on pumps, filters, and equipment for private ponds, swim ponds, watercourses, and water features with proven success for decades. Through various acquisitions, OASE has expanded its activities, most notably into the field of indoor aquatics. As a producer of controllable components for fountain technology, we stage incorporation with Syncronorm small fountains and big and complex Multi-Media water features in the right light. We live out our passion for “living water” in larger-dimensioned projects thanks to the controllable technique.

Oase ProfiClear Premium XL pump-fed EGC Mature, professional technology with more than three years of development time. Modern modular filter system for professional water quality where space… Our highly-qualified and experienced employees know the market requirements and trends. Be excited about innovative, reliable products and custom-tailored service. Now, as well as in the future you will profit from our outstanding technical competence, our holistic system solutions, and our international network. Since 1949, the OASE brand has been “passionate about water” with a reputation for innovation and quality.

The first steps of the breathtaking choreographies of water and lighting effects can be visualized in a computer animation already. There are no limitations to tailor-made ideas, innovations, or individual creativity. The consumer-oriented, well-arranged, intuitive and easy-to-use software visualizes the technology regarding all physical circumstances.