Remove anything under the bed.Store in the same room to avoid spreading the infestation. Make sure all bedding is tucked under mattress and does not touch the floor. If you have questions about our services, plans, or pricing we are here for you. Fill out the form below and we will communicate with you by email .

Getting you to prepare the room for treatment is one less thing they don’t have to provide, especially because it takes so much time to complete. When you take care of a giant chunk of the work, they can get in and out as quick as possible. Empty bookcases and inspect books for signs of bed bugs, especially in the spines of hardcovers. Leave books piled in a single area on the floor, but not touching the walls or obstructing any walking paths.

Turn over or move furnishings, open futons, and sleeper sofas, and thoroughly vacuum all items. After vacuuming, promptly dispose of the vacuum’s contents into a plastic bag and immediately put it in an outdoor garbage receptacle. Do not introduce any new or used furniture or any other potentially infested items not previously in unit.

Approximately two weeks later, a second treatment may be needed to ensure that any bed bug nymphs which hatched since the first treatment are eradicated. Remove all items (dishes, glassware, utensils, food, cleaning supplies, etc.) from cabinets and storage areas and place them in sealed bags or containers. All people and pets must leave the area during treatment.

This service includes a complete interior inspection of the property by one of our licensed technicians to find out the causes and conditions of the infestation. Take all your bedding including pillowcases, mattress pads, sheets, blankets and any other items from your bed and seal them in a plastic bag in the middle of the room. Remove all clutter from rooms; discard cardboard boxes, paper, and plastic bags, old newspapers and magazines. препарат против дървеници are extremely difficult to locate during the first stages, when only a few bugs may be present. But it is by odor, not by sight, that bed bug dogs are able to inspect and detect bed bugs in hotel rooms, apartment homes, and townhouses. There are many Do-It-Yourself products that promise to eliminate bed bugs, each with their own levels of success.

Also please remember the treatment will fail unless there is continuous occupation of the bedrooms that have been treated. New furniture should not be introduced into the treated rooms until you are sure the infestation has been dealt with or it has been sprayed as well. DO, be ready to leave your residence at the posted time. All residents and animals will need to be gone for the duration of the treatment. Remove all pets from the home during the time of treatment except for fish tanks.

Remove and dry all curtains and window dressings on high heat. Recommendations for the use of agricultural chemicals are included in this publication as a convenience to the reader. The use of brand names and any mention or listing of commercial products or services in this publication does not imply endorsement by NC State University or N.C. A&T State University nor discrimination against similar products or services not mentioned.

All bedding must be removed before the pest control technician arrives. Soiled bedding should be washed in hot water before or soon after the treatment to avoid resurgence of bed bugs. Pillows should also be placed in the dryer on high heat for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Heat Treatments are a fairly new strategy for eradicating bed bugs, but it has been found to be the most effective at eliminating bed bug populations in a single treatment. To lessen the amount of disarray after the treatment is complete; clothing can be dried on high heat for 30 minutes and sealed in plastic totes/storage boxes with lids. If these totes are properly labeled for the service technicians, the items in the bags/totes will not be disturbed.