Trained Security Guard for Residential Property Safety

Some are trained to use firearms and manage emergency situations, but the majority of them are untrained and only assigned for their physical strength and presence. St. Louis, Missouri – Security officers are required to be licensed by the St. Louis County Police Department or St. Louis Police Department. St. Louis County security officer training is a two-day class and yearly renewal class. County license is called a Metropolitan License, meaning it is good for St. Louis City and County. The St. Louis City web site has all the information regarding licensing requirements, as they are the same in the city and county. To be licensed as an unarmed officer an individual must be at least 18 years of age and undergo 40 hours of classroom training and pass criminal history checks.

The latter are often highly trained, sometimes armed depending on contracts agreed upon with clientele, and are more likely to interact with the general public and to confront the criminal element. These employees tend to take pride in the title “”Security Officer”” or “”Protection Officer”” and disdain the label of “”guard””. However, there are now more positions in the security role that separate not just the titles, but the job itself. The roles have progressed and so have the areas for which security people are needed. The term “”agent”” is also used in other industries, such as banking agents, loan agents and real estate agents.

A residential security agency is a great way to supervise the community area and parking slots for avoiding any unpleasant situations. The licence must be displayed when on duty, although a dispensation may be granted for store detectives, bodyguards and others who need to operate without being identified as a security guard. Security officers are private citizens, and therefore are bound by the same laws and regulations as the citizenry they are contracted to serve, and therefore are not allowed to represent themselves as law enforcement under penalty of law. This gave peace of mind to our guides as well teachers and parent chaperones.

At Central Protection, we understand that there are inherent risks created simply by having a certain type of building. A bank will have different security officer needs than, say, a high-rise apartment complex vs. a garden-style apartment complex. Security officers often serve as the first and last impression of your residential community, complex, or building.

Each of the six states and two territories of Australia have separate legislation that covers all security activities. Licensing management in each state/territory is varied and is carried out by either Police, Attorney General’s Department, Justice Department or the Department of Consumer Affairs. “”Public Security””, a person employed or appointed as an security officer by a government or government agency.

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