Online 스포츠중계 Disney games are very popular. Many people find them very addicting, and once you’ve sunk their teeth into one, you’ll want to play more. There are so many to choose from that it can be overwhelming when trying to decide which ones to pick. Fortunately, I’ve been playing these games for a few years now and have picked out a bunch that I really love. You can even find them on iTunes now! Here are my top picks.

Being Crafty in Mickey’s House Clubhouse: Kids are naturally creative and will love getting to create anything in this game using objects found around the house. Mickey is the always helpful character who will gladly give you tips as you work your way around the house. Go inside the kitchen and search the fridge to find an apple, a can of soda, and a clock. Then use these items to create the different recipes you need for your guests at dinner. When you’re done cooking, talk to your guests and congratulate them on their meal, and they’ll be happy to receive a certificate for a dinner date with one of your favorite Disney princesses!

Enter the Kingdom of Minnie: Go to Minnie’s Pet Boutique and choose from a variety of costumes for your four favorite characters. Go inside and brush your hair while you dress up with a crown, tiara, ears, and tail. Go outside to meet Donald Duck and run your camera through his hat while you make him breakfast. Go back inside to see Donald Duck partyishly digging for more dirt. This is definitely one of my favorite Disney games that kids can play because each time they do it, Donald’s expression gets better.

My Little Pony: For those who enjoy the fantastic world of Equestria, My Little Pony is a fantastic flash game for young children. You control pony in this fantastic world by using the arrow keys and your mouse will move the cursor over the screen. A popular character among the children and the parents, this flash game gives kids a chance to explore the fantastic world of Equestria. It’s probably best played with the girls because the characters in this game are all female and it’s possible to use the Nintendo wii remote together with the screen.

The cutest part about the My Little Pony flash based games is that kids can dress up their favorite characters. Go to the bedroom of your little girl and she can change into Twilight Sparkle or Angel. She can also change into Princess Twilight Sparkle or put on a ponytail and glitter in her eyes as her favorite character, Applejack. The girls can switch between the four characters as they click on the camera to change their outfits.

The popular Disney characters are not only loved by the little kids but also by the adults. If you have kids, it’s really a great idea to give them some exciting chances to play some online Disney games and enjoy them with their families. While playing these games kids can meet their favorite Disney characters like Mickey, Donald, Minnie and Goofy and enjoy the magical world of Disney in an interactive way.